Cala d’Or in Maiorca

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Cala d’Or: it might be its name, or the fact that hotels are situated very close to this beach. One thing is for sure: Cala d’Or is one of the most crowded bays. This beach is a narrow stripe of sand set inside a protected gulf, with rocks overlooking the sea. This favourable position protects the beach from streams and wind, but the sea goes immediately deep.

Three hotels and one restaurant-bar face the beach, while some exclusive villas enjoy a direct access to water.

The whole leg of shore going from Cala Figuera (south-east) to Porto Colom is indented and rich of bays and gulfs, some of which very beautiful. Unfortunately, building speculation on the island has often surrounded these fine coves with impressive constructions, mostly hotels and residences.

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From Plama de Mallorca (45 minutes) take the main road direction east: Lucmajor. Continue along the roundabout toward Campos, remaining outside of the city centre. When you get to Campos follow the signs to Santanyì. From here take the province road until Cala figura or continue inland until S’Alqueria Blanca, then follow the shore until the desired beach.

The streets which run along the shore are very slow and tortuous. Therefore it might be better to consider alternative paths in the inland, which permit to reach the main locations and the coast.